Atlanta – A few years ago we met a toddler and her best friend. Alida was three years old and Mr. Gibbs was a playful puppy. Both were incredibly devoted to one another. You see, Alida needs Mr. Gibbs for more than just a playmate outside. She needs him in order to breathe.

Alida was diagnosed with a rare lung disease called Neuroendocrine Cell Hyperplasia (NEHI) when she was an infant and now requires oxygen to help her breathe all the time.

That’s where Mr. Gibbs comes in, he’s in charge of carrying Alida’s oxygen tanks when it’s time to get out and play and boy does she like to get out and play. Watch the video above to see Alida and yes, even Mr. Gibbs, go down their backyard slide.

So, what has Alida been up to for the past three years? Plenty, according to her father Aaron Knobloch: cheerleading this past fall, preparing for a ballet recital in May and now attending kindergarten. She’s staying as active as any child her age does. She just does it with a little help from her best friend and classmate, Mr. Gibbs.


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