Are you planning to travel with your pet?

If you are, please take time to familiarize yourself with requirements for travel, and tips to make your traveling time pleasant. Different destinations have very different requirements for admitting pets. This can involve health certificates, laboratory testing and results, microchipping, etc. Additionally, airlines have their own requirements.

It is YOUR responsibility as a pet owner to find out what is required, and when any testing must be done (for many countries the timing is crucial, and must be done exactly as specified to be acceptable for entry).

We do provide health certificates for domestic travel, Hawaii, Mexico and Canada. Additionally, there are some international health certificates that we are able to perform.

The following website and contacting your airline is where you should start your research for upcoming travel.

After you have familiarized yourself with what is needed, we recommend you make a list of requirements and dates they must be completed; at that point it is our pleasure to help you and your pet meet the requirements and help to ensure a less stressful travel experience!