Since our opening in 1990, we have always made it a priority to give back to our community, in as many ways as we can manage! We donate many services to animals and people in need. We donate a significant percentage of our income to local animal oriented organizations and charities. When the Kensington Library park needed a new fence, we were happy to be one of the primary underwriters for it. Our philosophy has always been to Think Globally, Act Locally.

We are proud to act as a host site for students from many local schools and additionally we a training site for veterinary students and veterinary technicians in training, helping to develop the veterinary technicians of tomorrow.

We have a small “Good Samaritan Fund” that helps with the occasional rescue case. Here is our show-cased recent clinic rescue who happens to also be looking for a home!

Palomar is a 9 year old mixed lab looking at a second chance. She is currently recovering from an emergency surgery for a pyometra (infected uterus). Palomar is a very affectionate, devoted and a loving girl who enjoys attention and curling up and snuggling with her person at any time of the day. Palomar enjoys going on walks and appears to be very well leash trained and house trained. She prefers snuggling in bed at night and is looking for a canine only home.

She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, microchipped and looking for a new family to be devoted to! If you are interested in adopting Palomar please email